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it had gently rained most of the night. morning was grey but green.
i had leisurely woken up, fed baby papa on the porch, who has a leg injury and very feral. all my family was fed, read bloomburg business magazine and was amazed at the creativity of individuals in this world. brunch lunch sweet potato, chives, peas, carrots, string beans in a small pot of boiling water which i topped off with free range brown healthy egg.

warm. satisfying.
off to my north omaha home.
open the garage door and the sun was bursting with radiance.
looked up and saw all these beautiful white pillowy clouds moving moving through blue.
the drive. all windows down, the air was fresh clean as always after a rain.
on the radio a choral work by Faure, cantique de jean racine, had just begun.  i was on my normal trajectory, almost automatic going up 42nd street. i turned up the volume to high, the wind was swirling through the car and my hair, and the music. then i noticed i was reaching the edge of the shadow of one of those clouds. really an edge that was traveling at my speed when i caught up with it. it was magical. about 40 miles an hour as i peaked to see the speed.

i was transported. no longer in my body. the wind, the sun and shadows, the joy, the music, the synchronistic movement of everything without the me moving. felt as if i was embracing the world.

be in the moment of this delicate life.